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9 Tips to Start Freelancing and Travel the World

1. Technology is Everywhere, and it’s Basically Free to Learn Tips to travel the world and freelance are scattered everywhere, but usually unclear or unrealistic. In order to travel and freelance to fund your lifestyle it is critical to look at the importance of technology… Read more

How Attractive Are You? 5 Tips on Improving.

How attractive are you really? It’s a question worth addressing, so below are 5 tips. A lot of people are going to hate this, and the answer might surprise you and or be somewhat uncomfortable. Take a look at yourself in an honest way, and… Read more

Own Your Life and Live Your Dream

In Your life, the most valuable thing you have is time, which gives you a choice. You can live up to your failures and take responsibility for your current actions, past actions, and say to yourself that you failed more than once like all human… Read more

F*ck Shame

FUCK SHAME: Shame is a powerful tool that can be weaponized to make you conform to social absurdities. Not always, but to what degree does it influence you? A map to free your mind from a toxic emotion that seems creepily inescapable today‚Ķ. Introduction to… Read more

8 Tips on How to Travel While You’re Young

Travel while you’re young….(This is for everyone not just North Americans) Apart from expanding your horizons and learning to look at your own culture in a different way, and the experience of opening your mind to new experiences (including sex and novel food), it’s just… Read more

MLK Jr. Is a Badass

Note the is? I’m not sure you could actually kill this man, and he has a day named after him for a good reason. I can’t do his words justice, so listen to the guy. Right before he’s about to be killed. Just click on… Read more

Blockchain Technology is Awesome

By failing to address basic economic needs of the masses of the country, and set an example for decency while shifting the focus to identity politics, the current democratic institutions have created a modern nightmare. That has been amplified by orders of magnitude via social… Read more