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How Attractive Are You? 5 Tips on Improving.

How attractive are you really? It’s a question worth addressing, so below are 5 tips. A lot of people are going to hate this, and the answer might surprise you and or be somewhat uncomfortable. Take a look at yourself in an honest way, and find out what you can do to be your best friend in this respect. You might not realize how good you’ve got it, but maybe you just lack confidence.¬†Everyone has some things going for them. Check out the list below to see where you’re strengths are, and where you can improve perhaps. This is especially relevant if you’re a guy, since guys are always the pursuers. So see how you can use this to your advantage, that part is all on you:

  • Personality: This is going to sound corny, but it’s true. You gotta have one. If you’re an asshole with a Lambo, of course some girls are going to sleep with you. Ironically you can compete with this. Ever notice how ugly comedians get rushed by women after a show? And are those Lambo hungry actually the kind of girls the kind that you want anyways? (think STD’s)
  • Physical Shape: You don’t even have to own weights for this one, seriously. Body weight exercises like pushups, planks, pull ups and body squats can get you in excellent shape provided you have the will to do them, and eat right. Put in the work and see what happens. Everyone respects someone more if they are in decent shape, especially athletic shape, and girls like that a lot more than a dude with a bicep the size of a watermelon. That’s just fucking scary.
  • Hygiene/Style: Believe it or not, most girls/people don’t like to be around let alone imagine kissing someone with garlic breath and a neck beard unless he has a Lambo, and that’s still a maybe at best. So get this in check right about now. This is probably one of the most overlooked aspects ever, especially combined with style. If your clothes don’t fit you properly, you’re in luck. Just about everyone in the world has the ability to find clothes that fit and colors that match, when in doubt go with black and colors that match your eyes, and ask girls what they think. It breaks the ice, will make them like you for being honest, and will cause other girls to be more attracted to you in exchange. Especially when they wonder why those other girls are talking to you.
  • Money: Not gonna lie, this is a HUGE one. But, if you can play an instrument, show creative ability, and have CONFIDENCE as many rich guys do not and you know where your path in life is (or pretend you do) girls will be more attracted to you than a rich entitled douche, (unless they only want money, again, see STD’s for that one.) If you just have a plan for how you can provide along with the SKILLS of confidence and charm, you can go way further than you think.
  • This isn’t everything, but it’s a start. So do a pushup, write a business plan, brush your teeth, and start talking.¬†

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